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SPH fired senior executive for misappropriating shopping vouchers

By Terence

A Senior Vice President of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has been sacked for receiving illegal payments and misappropriating shopping vouchers for the promotion activities of the Straits Times handled by his unit to which he voluntarily admitted, the Straits Times reports.

In a brief statement released by SPH, it said that “Mr Peter Khoo Chong Meng, 45, senior vice president in the English and Malay Newspapers Division, is being investigated by police.”

It is not known how the scandal came to light.

Mr Khoo also chaired the organizing committee in charge of raising funds for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STPMF).

According to Mr Han Fook Kwang, editor of The Straits Times, he believes that STPMF was not involved and he reassured donors that they will maintain the integrity of the fund.

SPH, which is the only print media company allowed to operate in Singapore, was formed in 1984 after the amalgamation of the various papers in Singapore, bringing them completely under the control of the PAP.

The present Chairman of SPH is Dr Tony Tan, a former minister of the PAP regime. The Singapore media is ranked a pathetic 133th position in terms of journalistic independence by respected international NGO Reporters without Borders last year.

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