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Bukit Panjang gangster slashers arrested

By Terence

Bukit Panjang gang fight

Six men have been arrested in connection with Monday night’s Bukit Panjang slashing attack that left several youths injured.

Aged between 15 and 23 years old, the parang-wielding gang attacked several teens in two separate incidents on Monday.

First, a 20-year-old assistant technician was slashed in the back and legs at around 10pm at Block 418 Fajar Road.

Later on, a group of 20 youths were surrounded and attacked near a street soccer court at Block 505 Jelapang Road — about 500 metres from the first incident.

Police mounted a series of raids in the Bukit Panjang area after Monday’s attacks, resulting in the arrest of six suspects.

Although police don’t believe the latest attacks are related to the brutal murder of Darren Ng Wei Jie two weeks ago at Downtown East, they now believe that a “staring incident” was not the cause of his murder. Rather, the attack on 30 October was a gang-related dispute involving the deceased, victims and assailants.

By Ewen Boey

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