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Local star Zoe Tay gives birth to third son

By Terence
Zoe Tay gives birth to 3rd child

Zoe Tay gives birth to 3rd child

Caldecott Queen Zoe Tay gave birth to her third son at about noon on Wednesday.

Channel News Asia reports that Tay, 42, who has two sons — Brayden, five, and Ashton, three — experienced bleeding at 9am earlier in the day due to a blood clot.

Tay’s husband and Republic of Singapore Air Force pilot, Philip Chionh, rushed his wife to hospital and made the decision to send her into the operating theatre to undergo a Caesarean operation for the delivery of the child.

The baby arrived around noon, and weighed 2.96 kilogrammes at birth.

Veteran actress and a close friend of Tay’s, Pan Ling Ling, told CNA,“When the newborn was wheeled into the room, his older brothers were also very happy and squealed ‘My younger brother! My younger brother!’ and touched him.”

The newborn has yet to be named as he arrived three weeks earlier than expected.

“She (Tay) could not rest earlier because she opted for partial anaesthesia so she could witness the birth of her child,” explained Pan.

“”At first, she was quite worried as this is her first Caesarean section. But after she came out (of the operating room), she said she was very happy to see that the baby is healthy.”

Pan was speaking on behalf of Tay, who is still recovering from the operation.

By Ewen Boey – October 7th, 2010

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